Oh yeah

Three paintings I did for people before Christmas. I'd wanted to post them on here as soon as I finished them but couldn't because the people I was giving them to might see them!
Not the kind of painting I usually do, but you have to modify when making gifts for people . . .

This was for my mother in law. She loves flowers so I thought it would be perfect. (She's an amazing florist. She did all the flowers for our wedding).
This was a commission for a friend in the ward, Niki. It's the house she grew up in. She gave it to her parents as a gift.
This was for my sis in law, Dena. Her daughter, Ellie. Now I just need to do one of her other daughter, Brook!

I know, not the best quality photos! I took them with my phone. So un-proffessional, right?

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