Kimberly Comes to Denver

As you probably gathered from the post title, Kimmy came to Denver a week ago from today! I drove to the airport for the first time all by myself in the dark [nerve wracking].

We had a lot of fun with Kimmy here (well I did, Sam was studying for a final hard core).

The big attractions in Denver have free days which is the greatest thing ever. The day after Kim came just happened to be free day at the Denver zoo! I guess it has been a while since I went to the zoo because I was really excited . . . and aware that I looked like a little kid. The Denver zoo is huge (& expanding). You could spend an entire day there. We made it through in 3 hours and didn't see everything. We spend forever watching the kangaroos (and somehow I didn't even get a picture of them). I was disappointed that there weren't any white tigers but loved the huge HUGE gorillas and the cheetah. It is so cool to see such a variety of animals so close up.

After the zoo we went to Dena's and enjoyed the sugar cookies she and Brook made while having a "girl party". (Painting our nails and watching Tangled).
On Friday we spent 4 hours painting ceramics at Gooseberry Pottery in quaint little downtown Parker. Kim made an owl plate and I made a set of coasters.

We had the girls Friday night so painted and carved pumpkins with them. (I was REALLY glad we bought a plastic table cloth and put black garbage bags on the floor. Ellie really went to town with the paint).

Saturday morning I taught Kimmy how to make bread then we spent 4 hours at a thrift store with Dena . . . So many gems when you dig through the clothes. This Pocahontas outfit was 25 dollars (at 50% off). It was sweet . . . but 25 dollars??? (Getting cut from the daddy fund has made me cheap).

Saturday night was dinner at Red Robin. (I got sick again this weekend and could honestly taste nothing. (except for the bottomless fries when we loaded Red Robin seasoning on them). We picked up a 1/2 gallon of Blue Bell, a Red Box, & all cuddled on the airbed in front of the TV. (yes, all three of us).

Sam & I tried to prolong her trip by dropping her off late at the airport on Sunday. It almost worked. She watched her flight take off without her. . . But caught another one.

Thanks for coming Kimmy!!! Anyone else that wants to stop in, flights are cheap and there is always an airbed, homemade bread, and blue bell in the freezer here. (uh, just the blue bell is in the freezer . . . not the bread or airbed) . . . oh and now there is snow too.


  1. I had fun with you too Kim! Come back and visit soon!!! The girls love you!

  2. FUN! It looks like you guys had a blast! I need to recruit a friend to come visit me... Matt's at the school until midnight tonight. I guess you understand! :)