play doh and pie

Happy birthday to Brook last week! 4 years old! (3 out of my 3 nieces are adorable beyond reason. I'm just hoping the siblings aren't taking all the good looks genes so I can have some cute ones too . . . )

Sam and I got Brook a spongebob kickboard, pool noodles, pool balls, a heart shaped rock, heart shaped cupcakes, and a play-doh cake making set. Here are the children playing with the present:

Here are the adults playing with the present:

Brook blowing out her peach birthday pie!!

Next birthday is little Lily who I can't believe is turning 1!


  1. yeah. oops . . . i guess mom's birthday is actually next.

  2. These are such fun pics- by the way- that was the best present ever! Brook plays with it almost every day, much to the vacuum cleaners dismay... or mine....