Before I die

Periodically I check this website, myloveforyouisastampedeofhorses and was intrigued by this installation, "Before I Die". And then a few hours later my dad told a story about my sister's friend's sister's husband (i know, far relation) who died in an avalanche a couple days ago. And later that night on facebook I saw a really moving montage of pictures of this guy. Then in relief society we watched some video's from mormon.org about a paraplegic and a mom whose child died. All of these experiences were in one day. I was grateful for all these reminders that life is precious and frail. It can change in an instance. I don't think you'll talk to anyone at the end of their life and find that they haven't experienced a major tragedy. But the amazing thing is how people learn and grow from those tragedies. I've been spending my days caught up in the little details of life and I realized I've been missing the big picture. Its not all about me. Life is about other people and relationships with them. Its easy to treat the people you love the most in ways that would denote those feelings. So I've decided to make a resolution to live life well. Which means living everyday well. I have had a very blessed life with so many incredible experiences and opportunities and I know there are amazing experiences and opportunities ahead. It's time to complain less and smile more--to always show the love and appreciation that the people around me deserve.
I think its important to occasionally take a moment to reevaluate life. What do I believe? Why do I believe what I believe? How do I live what I believe? What do I want to do before I die?

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  1. love this. thanks for the little reminder to live life well. :)