Prayer giggles

I have a disease; a horrible problem. I can't pray in a small group of people without laughing. Occasionally my roommates and I will try to have roommate prayer. Someone will call on me. It's usually the awkward silence that comes right as everyone folds their arms and closes their eyes that gets me. And I can't think about anything about how weird it is that we are all just sitting there closing our eyes, aware of the fact that we are all just sitting in silence. And for some reason its funny to me. This issue has only been a problem with the occasional (and by occasional I mean a couple times a semester) roommate prayer and when eating dinner with roommates.

But tonight the problem opened to a less acquainted audience; while Jill and I were visit teaching. Jill asked me to say the closing prayer. I knew I wasn't going to be able to handle it. But you can't really say no to something like that. I got out 'dear heavenly father'. . . and then it came. And it was so embarrassing. So Jill took over. But I couldn't stop. So that made her laugh. And she had to start over again. Luckily it was a quick one. But I spent the whole time silently shaking with laughter. And our visit teachee thinks we're crazy.


  1. At least you don't VT the girl you shared a bathroom stall with. Then she'd really think you were weird! :)

  2. we would be the worst missionary companions ever...good thing we're not

  3. but at the same time. . . we would be the best missionary companions ever.