fish eye

So my brother James is definitely my dad's son. By this i mean that he loves to tease me. Before I even came home from spending my first three months at the hospital James tore all the bedding out of my crib. But he's actually really nice. Every year for Christmas we are assigned a sibling to give a gift to. No matter what, James always gets everybody something. This year, his gift to me was one of my very favorite presents (next to the commitment to spend forever with my best friend and the coolest person I've ever met). Anyway, say hello to my fish eye lens. 8 more photos and its time to develop the guinea pig roll. Thanks James!


  1. Nice! I actually saw this really interesting tutorial on how to make a fish eye lens for a digital camera... you just get the lens they use for peep holes on doors and put it into a PVC pipe and wah-la. :)