merry christmas. happy holidays.

Ways I've been celebrating:

wearing ugly Christmas sweaters to parties that weren't in fact supposed to be ugly sweater parties:

gingerbread houses:

Sam made a log cabin with an elaborate deer and sled out front. Mine was Harry Potter's parent's ruined home in Godric's Hollow. (And yes, that was my intention from the beginning; i didn't accidentally ruin my house then call it Godric's Hollow)

nativity scenes with live animals. (first picture is not the live animals)

and christmas pictures with "samta" along with a going away party for mikelle who is moving out tomorrow :(

this is only a fraction of the ongoing celebration. Nine days till Christmas!


  1. I LOVED this post... just wanted to let you know. :)

  2. YES!!!!! I will be stealing all of these photos, yes thank you very much.

  3. we are such cute roommates :)