a bit of really great news

Well I can assuredly say that 2010 was my best year yet. I'm ending the year with a few additions. allow me to introduce you to . . .

1. my fiance!!

What came with this fiance??

2. A beautiful ring. It's just perfect. And exactly what I wanted. Have you ever taken a picture of your hand? It's the most awkward thing to do. And impossible to get a very flattering angle. So James and I took these great photos:

but here's a serious one:

3. A new found love of skiing. I was honest with Sam from the beginning. Long before the ski season approached I warned him that I had a record of skiing about once a year. But, grateful that I didn't snowboard, he took it.
And i got . . .

4. A seasons pass to the Canyons. And now I've skied more in the past week than the past 5 years.

5. A proposal.
The night we got engaged I was talking to my mom on the phone and she asked me how it happened. Then warned me that I would have to tell the story A LOT. Well thank goodness I can just refer you to my blog. ;)
I went with Sam's family to Mcall, Idaho and we went skiing at Tamarack. Best day of skiing ever. We were still riding corduroy at noon and contrary to my nature I was brave and abandoned the groomers to ski some powder with the Douglass gents.
Later that night when I thought my great day was coming to a close Sam told me we had to get icecream to go with the dessert his sis in law Dena made. So after getting in the hot tub at our condo we started driving to the store. We passed the lake where we went sailing a couple months ago and Sam thought it looked pretty and that we should go look at it. I thought this meant drive closer to it and enjoy the lake from the warm car so I obliged. But then Sam parked the car and wanted to get out. It was really cold. And due to the previous hot tubbing excursion and us not being able to get into my condo I was not undergoing the most ideal clothing situation.
We walked by the lake for probably 2 minutes with Sam trying to spark romantic sentimental conversation while I complained about how cold I was and that I wanted to go back to the car. So I left him no choice but to do it right away. He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. And I don't even know what I said. But there was a 'yes' somewhere in there. And after that I didn't care much to go back to the car.

This year I also acquired:

6. Three adorable nieces! one through my sister and two through Sam's brother:

7. The title of half Ironman.

8. Four colors of hair:

9. Roommates that also happen to be my best friends:

10. Acceptance into the BFA program at BYU:

11. An introduction to fishing:

12. And an upcoming vacation to Hawaii to start out the New Year.

I have been very very blessed this year and am so grateful for the wonderful people that were already in my life and have come into my life. Especially Sam. I don't know what I've done to deserve such a perfect match and a best friend that makes everything in life so much more exciting. Can't wait for what 2011 will bring.


  1. :) You two are so adorable together and I'm so excited for you!!

  2. i like this a lot. you made me cry dang it. why am i so emotional lately??

  3. i love this whole entire post. fyi.